Patented Spray Nozzle

The LC-Transform is based on a patented LCT spray nozzle design.  Originally developed by Lab Connection the heated spray technology is well suited to the evaporation of THF and other polymer solvants.  The unique combination of heat (the nozzle can be temperature controlled up to 160 C) and high pressure drying sheath gas (Nitrogen) results in a precisely controlled process.


Unique Properties of the LCT Spray Nozzle

Thanks to its ingenious design, the spray nozzle is capable to evaporate up solvant at flow rates up to 1.0 ml/min without delocalisation of analytes.  In addition, the spray nozzle offers several ways to control spray characteristics including:

· Spray flow rate through an adjustable splitter

· Spray temperature

· Disc rotation speed

· Spray focus